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Ngozi Wellness Services

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Ngozi Wellness Services provides openness, unconditional positive regard, non-judgment, and a collaborative experience. We work with various issues like anxiety, depression, trauma, anger, suicidal thoughts, perinatal/postpartum mood disorders, etc. Our focus is children, LGBTQ, moms/pregnant women, and couples.

If you are a parent seeking services for your child, LGBTQ+ wanting support, a Mom needing support outside of your family, or a couple wanting to improve your relationship connect with us.

Ngozi Wellness Services provides emotional, physical, psychosocial, and spiritual support. Also, help the client build life skills, create a safe and calm environment during birth, and will teach you how to advocate for yourself.

We also provide education/consulting services to organizations and schools. To build mental health awareness and improve social justice issues.

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