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Pregnant belly

Doula Services

Have you thought about your birthing journey and what you need to feel supported?

A Doula provides emotional, physical, psychosocial, and spiritual support. Learn the skills to help facilitate healthy communication, advocacy skills, facilitate a peaceful and safe space for birth through education, and resources for your needs.

Home Visits

Doula will visit in person and virtually to discuss goals of pregnancy, education/resources, birth, and postpartum needs.

Lactation Consultations

Building the baby's immunity through latching best practices

Learn how to maintain milk supply

Sleep Lab

Discuss creating sleep schedule for Mom and Baby. Explore co sleeping: The Pros/Cons, and Safe Sleep practices

Birthing Plan

Create individualized birth plan

Birth Doula

Virtual support conducted through HIPPA regulated platform to provide support needed during time of birth.

Alternative Advice

Explore holistic and African practices that can contribute to a positive birthing outcome

Birth Support/Postpartum Doula Services

Have support throughout your entire birthing journey.

Child Development

Develop parenting skills, explore the stages of child development for years 0-5, and discover other practices and tools for your Mommy Toolbox.

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